Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So mom .. may or may not like me posting this picture-- but for me .... her being outside and getting some Vitamin D  is huge... and today we are Day 53.   Insane...

and while I REALLY tried to sit down and update so many times... one thing happened and then another, and then... it was like, can I just get in my bed and hug my pillow????

So let me start this out with a "YEAH HOORAY" and that is my mom was able to have "food" yesterday!

Well --- clear liquids, jello sprite, apple juice, and as I am doing the happy dance the first thing she says to me is... 

"have you tasted this coffee????" 

I think after 53 days, I would have drank toilet water,

I am not in her hospital gown (as opposed to shoes....) and with everything she has been through I just say... "Yeah... it's a little weak for me!!"

Looking at mom right there.. she is truly... ONLY, an answer to prayer.

August 18th (Tyler's 23rd Birthday, and the day he (tyler) talked me into riding on his motorcycle with him to IHOP for breakfast--( and yes we wore helmets......) and yes... my hair... yes about helmet hair...

It was AWESOME! (the bike ride)
and now... 

October 15th ---- It's been LIFE CHANGING.

Tomorrow, we will be going to a rehab facility in Ocoee...
(and literally 26 mins from my house)
This will be the 4th facility in this time span..

I have had to ask for forgiveness at least 17 times each day driving on I4
Then Michigan, then Orange Ave... 

I live in Lake County. SORRENTO
(the clampits. sanford and son)

EVERYONE drives wrong... not ME!

This new place is absolutely beautiful, and spending the day (ALLLLL day) looking at places...

This was the place that I could literally say... This is it, AND I can sleep at night...

I think mom is going to be okay..

This is a picture of my mom walking the halls where she is now... again FANTASTIC place and people.

I will be posting names numbers... 
(because you all have GOT to know these things!)

THIS is part and a HUGE part of healing...

The Nurses, the Occupational Therapist, the Physical Therapist...
They LOVE what they do... Truly..

and so...

right now...I am washing all my mom's clothes... getting rid of the smoke smell..
(and this is the bad thing.. SMOKING)

she smoked for 50+ years...  and she has and is paying for it.

BUT... the CRAZY thing in one hospital (no names) they pretty much diagnosed her with COPD
and since we have moved her--- she is walking, and breathing, not ONE cough!!! and NO oxygen at all.
in fact.. she is breathing on the SAME level as me..

This isn't because she has good genes
or good lungs etc.

My mom has smoked for 50 PLUS years!!!

Sooooo---- before I get into 2 more pages of writing... 

You all know...why she is doing as well as he is... (especially her breathing and healing)

Should not be here.....................but.
She is.

One Day at A Time, One minute at a time....

And so...I want to go ahead and end this, as I have lagged, but also have so much more to say..

The Journey.

Tonite... I for the first time in 11 years... was not able to be with my 
United In Praise Family.

and if you haven't heard our choir... please do this season...

Blessings Guaranteed!! 

I decided to update my blog during this time instead of crying like a little girl that I couldn't be there...
and so let me share just ONE of the songs ....

This is not our choir member, 
(Pat Sword sings this--- and KNOCKS it out of the PARK!  any park...)

but listen to it...

it's pretty good..


crazy good.

Until we Blog Again!