Thursday, October 25, 2007

Are you Tired??

How many of you heare have TOO many things going on with too little hours in the day?

And at the end of the day how many of you are just TIRED!?

- Tired of being in charge of everything…
- Tired of being the family planner
- Tired of being overworked (and sometimes underpaid)
- Tired of not getting all your tasks done at the end of the day?

Let me show you just a typical 7 day week, 168 hours and what the average is that we do in that time….

6% Spiritual
8 % Recreation (this is with planned activities – family friends etc)
15% Miscellaneous (this is your errand running, grocery shopping, etc)
30% Sleep
29% Work (which is 48 hours)
12% Family (this is planned time together)

Can you rearrange your % to make time for YOU? I know you laugh, and we women RIDDLE ourselves with guilt, it's not our job to have fun, it's our job to keep the household together, to make sure EVEYRONE else has time-- right???

In Isaiah 40: 29 – 31 it says:

He gives power to those who are tired and worn out; he offers strength to the weak. 30) Even youths will become exhausted and young men will give up. 31) But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will Fly high on wings like eagles. They will run an don't grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

When you become TIRED many times you loose sight of your dreams or your goals—so if you’re sick and tired of being Sick and Tired it’s time to make some changes.

Gail Devers quotes:

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe!”

Let’s Talk about “TIRED”

T = TREAT yourself and TRY something new!
I= IMAGINE more for yourself then where you are right now.
R= REST, RELAX AND REVISIT the things you use to LOVE to do!
E= EXERCISE – not only your body but your brain too!

“Life is full of BEAUTY. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams!” ~Ashley Smith

Don’t let TIRED take away your Spark, your goals or your dreams…

Hoping all of you are doing awesome! I have changed and added a new "YouTube" video, and yes I am addicted, but this is a commercial some of you may or may not have seen - I see this, and it just makes me smile and giggle--- I know many of you have friends just like this.. ENJOY!

Until we Blog Again!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Do you know the symptoms....

Hey Everyone!
It's been nearly over a week, and I am in from Dallas, after spending sometime with a wonderful friend Tammy Futterman. Some of you may know, some of you may not, the turn of events that had happened to her in loosing her 19 year old daughter "Rachel" to Bacterial Meningitis. To see the effects "Before and After" another Creative Memories Consultant and great friend Barbara Burnes summed it all perfectly... what a parent goes thru, and this may even be painful to read for some.. but in it she completely captured EVERYTHING that happened - being able to document things I never could have, and I am thankful for that.
This is forever etched in my mind....
Tyler has had his shot, and Lauren will be getting hers on Monday.. I encourage to read this, let it touch you, and then take care of those you love. Even today in the news there was a scare at UCF, and since the death of Rachel, two other families have lost loved ones to this. Statistics say that 300 a year die from this.. that is almost one person a day!!
I welcome all of you to comment on this.. I will answer questions I know.. and direct those I don't. This should be mandatory in Colleges--and somehow we should take steps towards this. Tammy also learned that in state prisons, it is mandatory, no questions asked that each prison mate get this vaccination... Unbelievable...
It was about a week ago that I watched one of my best friends and her husband bury their 19 year old daughter Rachel Futterman. Rachel Futterman was a happy, feisty, energetic, athletically gifted student at the University of South Florida.

Last Saturday night, at 11:30 pm, I received a phone call from my dear friend Karen Hohman. Good news never arrives in late night phone calls.My heart was beating fast before I even said the words hello.In a whispered voice, Karen said, "Barb, it's Rachel Futterman. She's in a coma at University Hospital in Tampa. She's got bacterial meningitis. It doesn't look good. She's not showing any brain activity. Tammy's hysterical."

By the next morning, Karen and I were in Tampa holding vigil by Rachel's bedside. Along with 3 other "sister" CM Consultants, the 5 of us watched as Tammy, Joel, Robert, and Jaime endured 2 agony filled days watching their daughter and sister survive on life support.

It's every parent's worst nightmare.And Tammy and Joel are no exception. They adored their daughter Rachel. Call them helicopter parents if you will, for that's what they were. Like any of you reading this, Tammy and Joel raised Rachel with all the love and pictures and involvement and attention that they knew possible. Rachel was their oldest, their only girl.. When it came time for Rachel to receive her "college" Menactra vaccine, Rachel's MD didn't carry it. Unlike Pediatricians, Internal Medicine and Family Practioners don't always stock these vaccines. In order for Rachel to get this vaccine, she'd have to go to the public health department or to the clinic on USF's campus.

Too much legwork for a silly vaccine. Haven't we all said something like that before. The "extra" legwork just becomes a wee bit too much. Sign the waiver.Like she's actually gonna get meningitis anyways.Fast forward a year and a half.

It's Rachel's sophomore year at USF. She couldn't be happier. She's living in the Delta Gamma house with her sorority sisters. Life is FANTASTIC!And out of no where, when you'd least expect it, heathy, full of life, Rachel begins to feel sick.

bright lights hurt her eyes

She missed classes on Friday. Sleeps most of the day.It's the flu. Gotta sleep it off. Try to keep Advil down. It should pass soon. Rachel's roommate is attentive and checks on Rachel between classes.Hours pass.Friday night comes and Rachel isn't improvingHeadaches persist. Lethargic. Achy joints.

Man, this is a bad case of the flu.Maybe a good night sleep will get rid of this once and for all.Rachel and her roommate go to bed. During the night, the bacterial meningitis worsened by the minute in Rachel's beautiful body. By 6am the following morning, Amber awoke to Rachel having a grand mal seizure.911 was called and Rachel was brought in to the hospital.

Rachel never opened her beautiful eyes again.

In the hospital on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, I saw our Rachel attched to life support, with more IV bags and beeping monitors than I knew possible. I watched in grief as my precious friend Tammy stroked her daughter's hair, and kiss her hand. Amid Tammy's wailing of tears, she'd laugh at Rachel's choice of fingernail polish, or comment on how much all this touching and petting would have made Rachel crazy. Tammy wanted one last chance to lie in bed next to her daughter and so we arranged it.. asking the nurses to move Rachel to one side of the bed, so Tammy could snuggle with "her baby girl" one final time. While laying by Rachel's side, Tammy pushed her face up against Rachel's and breathed in every last scent she could. She kissed her ear, her cheek, her forehead, and sang to her daughter one final lullaby..
"Oh do you know the muffin man?"

She pressed her hand to Rachel's heart and cried, "I don't want it to ever stop beating."Although I know this depth of grief is possible, I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. Not like this..Not with someone as healthy at Rachel.Not this fast.How could this nightmare be happening?On Monday afternoon, we were all told that we had one last chance to kiss Rachel goodbye. One by one, we left Rachel's bedside, comforting each other as the doors closed behind us. Tammy and Joel remained alone the room with their daughter. This was their time for a final goodbye.

The pain in their hearts was an unparalleled, unbearable pain. I have no doubt. Silence fills the space between all of us waiting outside ICU Unit.Minutes pass.Quietly, the doors to the Peds ICU Unit open wide. Rachel was being wheeled down to surgery by the special team from the Organ Donor Program. Tammy and Joel walked at the front of the bed, escorting Rachel as far as they could, until they could be with her no longer. The "team," along with Tammy and Joel entered into the elevator and were gone. 7 anxious people across the country had been notified and were awaiting their chance at new life, thanks to Rachel Futterman. Rachel's brother Robert wanted to escort his sister down to surgery and missed the silent procession. He came to me and said, "Where are my parents?".. Quickly, I brought Robert down the elevator to meet his parents, and as the elevator doors opened, I heard Tammy crying as she called out to the team taking Rachel away, "Take care of my baby girl. Take care of my baby!" I could hear her sobs as I took the elevator back up.

Minutes later, Tammy, Joel and Robert took a silent elevator ride back up to the Peds ICU unit, alone. Tammy was walking, folded into her husbands arms as he practically carried her each step away from their daughter. Though Rachel showed no brain activity during the 2 days they were with her, it was still Rachel lying before them.. looking like Rachel, the the hands and heart and hair and face and feet of sweet Rachel.And now.forever..She was gone..If there's any good that comes from Rachel's death, it'd be this..

Get your kids vaccinate with Menactra. College kids are at a much higher risk of contracting meningitis than younger children, although younger kids can develop bacterial meningitis as well.Rachel died of Neisseria, one of the strains of bacterial meningitis that would have been covered by Menactra. Just today, my 14 year old received his Menactra vaccine.Log on to one of the many meningitis websites. LEARN of the signs and symptoms of meningitis. Knowledge is power.

My kids call me Debbie Downer, for I'm always alerting them to health issues, potentil weather alerts, or safety precautions. I don't care. I'll burden them with any information I can if it saves their lives, or someone elses. And there's always the chance that my words are falling on deaf ears. Who knows. I'll keep talking.Another young Maryland college student died from this very same bacterial infection. He died on Tuesday, the 25th, the day of Rachel's funeral. All of us CM "sisters" that were holding vigil by Rachel's bedside were confident that our kids had received the Menactra vaccine. 2 of us were surpsied to learn that we were wrong. Our college kids, living in dorms had not been vacinated.There are so many issues and events that are out of our control when it comes to our kids, especially our college kids. But this is an issue you can control. Ask your friends if their kids have been vaccinated. Make sure your kids are vaccinated. My oldest 2 college kids received the vaccine called mennimune and it only has a 3 - 5 year window of coverage. You can bet they'll be getting Menactra in the very near future. My Bobby Jerome just received his Menactra yesterday.

To you Rachel Futterman, I shall always remember you. You were full of life and passion, energy and spunk. It was a gift to have known you. A part of you will live with me forever.And to my precious friends Tammy and Joel, your daughter's death will not be in vane. I promise. Know I love you both. Barbara

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Have You Ever heard of a Flat Iron?

I thought that would get your attention, and trust me, I am going somewhere with this...

A Flat Iron... I have to tell you, growing up, my hair, well lets just say It was a cruel joke played upon me to have such coarse, thick and not humidity friendly hair (which is not the type of hair to have in the state of Florida) I can remember, working on my hair, blow-drying it until I could get it straight (because the body in my hair, was NAPPY and not flattering) after getting it perfect JUST the way I wanted it... I would walk out the door and BAM, the hair had a mind of its own. Back in a pony tail it would go.
So a few years ago... while at a modeling show of my daughters, Michelle a beautiful black model is standing there with hair as SLICK AS SLICK can be.. Now remember I grew up in the days of Big Afros, (both whites AND blacks had them) and I just had to know.. HOW?????? did you get your hair that STRAIGHT..

Soooooooooo I did what Karen Hohman would do, and I just asked....
"Michelle I have to ask, how in the WORLD do you get your hair so straight and pretty, because I KNOW it is NOT naturally straight!

She says...(and I quote)

"Girl please... haven't you ever hear of a Flat Iron?"

Visualize my puzzled look... as I say out loud... "FLAT IRON?"
She just shakes her head and laughs...

"Yessss, a FLAT IRON...."
She begins to tell me where to get it, HOW to use it (giggling at my excitement over this concept)and amazed that I have NEVER heard of it!!
She tells me, and it's not just us black girls, don't you think for a minute those girls on the show "Friends" don't use it!
You know WHAT? I was so excited that I may have straight hair that lasts more than 20 minutes, I didn't care if they were purple or pink people, I was going to get one. (okay so here is the moral of this story)
Michelle thought I was absolutely CRAZY that I hadn't ever heard of a FLAT IRON! Everyone has of of a Flat Iron...
"Karen, where have you been living???? under a rock?"
We people who own our own businesses, or in sales, or whatever it is that you do as you are reading this-- you can probably relate to this very thing.
"You have never heard of Scrapbooking?
You have never heard of Zumba??
You have never heard of an Elliptical machine?
You have never heard of Dr Oz?
and better yet, you have NEVER heard of the TAKE HOME CHEF??????
You have GOT to be kidding me... how can you possibly not heard of these things?
Well I know there are "FLAT IRON" People like me, who haven't heard the wonderful concept of "organizing your pictures?, or a FUN way to Exercise... etc etc
But the twist is this... rather than giggling about their Flat Iron experience, we need to REJOICE that they found us! Be just as excited as we were when we discovered something new!
All because of that flat iron.. I myself, look forward to ALWAYS sharing something new, and enjoying the excitement one goes thru and seeing or learning something then never knew existed!! "Man, if I had this thing when I was in High School, I would have been da'bomb!!" (okay so wishful thinking here...)
Don't assume people know these things you have learned---There is a big world of MANY things... Don't keep them to yourselves, share what you know!!
Until we Blog Again!


Friday, September 28, 2007

One Little Smile....

Forrest Gump talks about life being like a box of chocolates, well have you seen "Dove Promises?" I know many of you already have, but as I ate one, I didn't realize the sayings that were inside!! So of course I was so intrigued by what was going to be in each one, I ate SIX of them in a row! (You know I had to see what they said, and what kind of inspriation it could add to my day and my hips....
The first one said...

"One little smile can fill the room with Sunshine..."
So true, so true, have you ever noticed that smiles ARE contagious? We should do this with our businesses, at work, at school, and even on the phone... It's amazing how you get the smile in return, AND people will gravitate toward you just by your smile and excitement. Watching my daughter dancing years ago in her Hip Hop Class, she had this young cute "thang" of a teacher 'bout 100 years younger than me...and even though I am there to watch Lauren, I can't help but watch him because he ALWAYS has this grin on his face and having the best time dancing with the kids and there I catch myself bobbin' my head and smiling right along!
Start Spreading an infectious smile!!
The second one I read /ate said:
"There is only one pretty child and every mother has it!"
Oh, I have caught myself thinkin (in my head of course) oh yeah her baby is probably the third cutest child I have ever seen (with my two being the first two) hehehe in my business, it's ALL ABOUT CAPTURING the moments... and instill in those babies, it's just as important to be pretty on the INSIDE as much as the outside..
The third one I frantically opened up and it said:
"Whatever you give you will find countless ways back to you..."
BINGO! especially when I am at my classes and and where they are now, compared to when I started my business and most importantly the good that I have received from all of them. Thru my business I have more friends than I can or EVER imagined - Give anyone and everybody, what you want back...
And this fourth one would go along with what I just said:
"Friendship is the gold thread that ties hearts together."
Our gold thread is our memories as well.
On the fifth and yummy chocolate candy (and still not feeling guilty abit, while the kids just shake their heads that I am getting excited over chocolate sayings!)
"Promises are made to be kept...."
Commitment came to mind immediately. My commitment to my family, my business, my friends, my customers, I want them all to know that I am in it for the long haul, thru the ups and the downs and "all arounds." I want all those associated with me to feel that "promise" of being there for them is a confidence they can always hold.
And the Last chocolate I ate, said this (and I Loved it!)
"Climb High, Climb Far: your goal the sky, your aim the Stars!"
Isn't that awesome??
All of you are stars! Never ever give on what your goals are. So what if you didn't get that goal when you exactly wanted, you crept a little bit farther up than where you were! Don't let someone else snatch your dreams from you. They are YOURS. Sitting back watching someone else climb and thinking "you KNOW I had a goal like that once..." Don't you EVER give up...EVER! Just keep climbing - so much to see, so much to achieve, and opportunities for EVERYONE!
Go buy yourself a bag of Dove Promises.. I Justify my cravings thru what I have learned thru the sayings!!!
Until we Blog Again!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm in HEAVEN!

Hey Everyone!!
Guess what you are going to have to hear and see pictures about my little
"Abbie-girl" for the next several days!
Her real name is Abbiegail, but you know hohmy and her nick names.. she is my ABBIE GIRL!

I am in HEAVEN!

Here she is out on "Grand Lab's" Dock! "
This bread was supposed to be for the fish, but she decided it was better for her!

Now for you "newbies" let me get you caught up

Abbie is the granddaughter (who is 2 1/2) of Larry and Karen Beard or "KB" as you have heard probably a million times since you have been a part of the choir!
and also the daughter of Jared and Jamie I guess that counts huh?

Well, for some reason, I was BLESSED to have this youngun from today until Sunday, and I can't stop smiling... So much she is doing...saying talking like CRAZY!!!! and well, she calls me
"k-Hoh" oh my goodness... she is sleeping like an angel right now, so I wanted to get online and share with you all just a few things..

One -- Rev and Sharon are movin and groovin.. got to take Abbie to see "Pop Pop and Sharon" before they headed out! Sharon got some GREAT shots while we were there...

I still can't believe they are movin up there.. shew.. but they promised there is a room for "hohmy" probably something they may regret saying they would do for me.. but we will see!

"Rev, Abbie and the moving Truck...."

Rev. & Sharon Shook
P. O. Box 507
Glenville, NC 28736

I took Abbie to Chic Fil A, and while I REFUSE to be "grandma..." I choose to be AUNT K-hoh... we sat and talked, she played, and I met lots of people in the playground, which led me to lots of things that "little ones" do now! so I have my list !!!

We looked at pictures when we here at the house, and ALL the babies were "Baby Joie!!!" Which is Tiffany Crow Kendricks (who has sang in the choir with us...) new baby and her new cousin! -- and YES she will be getting some Joie lovin.....

I have a responsibility so it seems.... as Jamie says,
"Well Karen, we are working on Potty Training, could you have this done by the time we get back?"

Precious Jesus...
Well I got 3 Pee Pee's on the Potty, Two Poo's Poo's which were not!
LORD help the girl!!!!!!

Lauren was SOOOOOO hard, and my Tyler, Piece of cake, all I had to do was throw Froot Loops in the toilet and tell him to aim for RED! So we will see!

As Jamie gave me my brief To do list, cause can I tell you ... the girl is SO easy going! The one thing she left me is her "Blessings Every Day" Book, said it's short and please be sure to read this to her before she goes to bed...

So, it's like the Read a bible in a Day thing... but shorter...
and guess what????
YOU all get to do it with me!!!!
September 19th

More than a Conqueror
"In All things.. we are more than Conquerors through him who loved us."
Romans 8:37

Do you know what it means to "conquer" something? It means to win out --- not just by a little, but by a lot. Once you've conquered something, it can never beat you again....
(Read that line one more time... I did...)
The Bible says that God helps us conquer everything we go thru in life.

(Read this...)
HARD times might not go away, but they CAN'T BEAT US!
They can't make us lose out on the great things.

God Promised Us.....

With God on my side, I can conquer all.
Nothing on earth can make me fall....

Okay so...
Until Tommorows Blessings Every day!
Take that one with you to sleep!

Until we Sing Again!
"Aunt K-hoh giving some LOVE!!!!!"

(sharon took this shot.. isn't it awesome, and YES abbie has some CURLS!!!!)

Until we Blog Again!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lessons I learned from Clement

Hey Everyone...
Today I went to Lakeview Terrace to get a tour, and have lunch with Clement.
It seems the last year of my life has been a little "nutsy--topsy turvy" but nonetheless good.

I received an email like I occasionally do from Clement checking to see "how I am -- and he is thinking bout me etc..." Well this time I said-- "How bout we do lunch?" and in turn he said "He was DELIGHTED!"

Most of you know Clement -- but some of you don't---
Clement is someone that should give us all HOPE! He is 94 years old, and doing better than me! Sang with the choir for several seasons, until we just got too long as far as time.. so now he is our #1 Fan..

Still driving all over, (including his Golf Cart which we road around to see the sights there) EVERYONE knows Clement, and you know what, he knows EVERYONE there..
He never misses a name
"Hey Clement.... Hey Mr. Kirk!"
and ALWAYS ---

"Hey Sandy, or Sue or Jessica, gosh he introduced me to so many people..." and again he knew all their names, and I started to think, how WONDERFULLY important this is...

It just made me smile.

Lunch was wonderful - the food is GREAT BTW with Lamb, Peas, Carrots,Roll, and a cup of Mint!
I "think" I had Bread Pudding.. but not for certain -- whatever it was it was wonderful, and he had Sweet potato pie....
It was so wonderful to just sit relax and enjoy.. I learned EVEN more about Clement!
I know you all know he is the "dancer - including Tap Dancing, but did you know he can PAINT!!??
and I am not talking "Paint by numbers... I mean sho nuff PAINT!
Check this out...

This is a self portrait of he and his wife, who by the way passed away 22 years ago.. he showed me another picture, and she was quite the "looker..."

I was amazed, I asked him when he learned, he said..
"Oh awhile ago, I stopped 5 years ago because it was just too expensive "

and his Shy cat of 12 years, even came out to pay me a visit.. and are you ready for this????
This cat is like a dog...
Clement says....
"Lay down..... (with his soft voice) and the cat laid down!

I just started CRACKIN UP!!! NO WAY!!! Cat's don't do that!!!
and he says.. watch this...

"Roll over!" and the cat starts rolling over! (I am laughing here...was laughing there, and got Clement laughing about it too!)

But I have to tell you something even more amazing, and I promise to bring this to a close...
As we sat and ate lunch... he grins at me and says...

"What did you think about the Birthday Card I sent you?"

I said -- Awww Clement, it made my Day!
He says.. well good I wanted you to know I was thinking about you, and getting your attention, I know it was funny to send a birthday card for no reason...

I sat there for a split second, and said...

"Clement... the card arrived day before my birthday...."
He said..

"What????" What do you mean?

I just started laughing... I said...
"CLEMENT--- you sent me a birthday card, and it arrived the day before my birthday (which was a Saturday)"

He just laughed.. said.. "Really???"
He had NO idea!!! when my birthday was.. he was just wanting to send something "random" to get my attention! He said...

When is your birthday? I said August 5th.. he said..
"I won't ever forget it!"

It's amazing how the Lord works sometimes..
Was a GREAT day! and something we all need to do---
Just take time...
Slow down...Learn Peoples name! Visit someone... Learn something new about them,
and most of all --- "Do random things that can turn out to be Blessings beyond measure!!"

Until we Blog Again!

"We can do anything we want......"

....As long as we stick to it long enough!

~Helen Keller

You know its so funny to get ready (you and the kids) for the first day of school! In preparation, the kids are not thrilled about giving up summer, but as we go to the School Open Houses, start to write down the list of things they are going to need in their classes, you know, folders, pencils, highlighters, pens, protractor, and boxes of tissues (why the need for 3 boxes for the first day I will never know) Then you begin to see a little glitter of excitement in the kids eyes. Off we go to get to school supplies, of course for THEM it is totally cool because they are running into their friends that they haven't seen in 3 months and we --- well, we are bumping carts -- politely smiling and thinking "WHY IN THE WORLD DO THEY SCHEDULE OPEN HOUSES ON FRIDAYS!!!" hehehe But we manage and get the supplies, with the right colored folders, and 1" binders, 14 boxes of pencils (because each class had it written down) and of course don't forget the brand NEW glue sticks! (You already have 27 of them here from the previous years, but you know they GOTTA be new!!!) My focus is to get to that Expedition as quickly as possible, while Lauren and Tyler are jabbering 90 to nothing about how they are going to organize their NEW school supplies... ans as I was driving home I began to think "THAT'S IT!" NEW!! We all need NEW!! To get motivated, to get excited, to get the sparkle back-- NEW!

So today (after a looong nite of -- "KIDS!!!! it's 9pm you better get to sleep!! ---- KIDS, 7am is going to be here soon... KIDS!! --- If I have to come upstairs, you are going to wish (wellll you get the idea) They were READY! Dressed, breakfast eaten, backpacks ready, all organized, hair washed, and brushed and even no reminders on BRUSHING their teeth! BUT of course they spent all week to decide what NEW outfit they were going to wear! and they were looking GOOD! I decided right then, we ALL need NEW! No matter what and in my situation it was attacking my office and setting up a NEW system, moving the desk and my over sized chairs to new positions. Putting my rolodex and other desk items in a NEW spot. Filing my paperwork in a NEW filing system (that I bought in the middle of the summer thinking this would be perfect) and VIOLA! It's all NEW and I am ready to go!

Sometimes we need to make some changes that give us that new feeling that gives us that EXCITEMENT we need to get "Re-motivated" and it can be something as simple as changing what you are looking at day in and day out to something "New..." Think of it this way, you may have to try and remember where you filed somethings, but in the long run, you will sit back take a look --- smile and feel like you are ready to jump on the opportunities this business you are running, or this life you are running (which is a HUGE business in itself) are waiting to give each and every one of us! Sure... we will get back into our routine, much like the newness of the first day of school, but the point is that it gets you going again! It gets you back in the saddle, and back in some sort of schedule mode....

What's the newest thing you have done?

Until we Blog Again!


Monday, September 17, 2007


Well whether you have been to my Blog site before or not, there are changes DAILY as I am learning the things that I can add on to it! For Instance.. have you all ever heard of YOUTUBE? another my children have introduced me to! And I admit, it is ADDICTING! But so is this Blog, I can see for me this is going to be WAY too much fun.. I have so many stories to share, FUNNY, motivating, some may even have some tears!

Take the time to navigate through and see all the things I have added (and I am sure it's not done yet! like me, a work in progress) I even have a poll! Lets see what the results are!

I also want to say the videos from YOUTUBE that I have requested are "Things that entertain me.. Bloopers, Kids, and Gospel Choirs! I do not hand pick these videos, so if something comes up that you go "OH MY GOOOTNESSS" forgive me! I have tested it, and so far so good, but you nevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver know!

Send the link to you friends and family! I promise it will be a good "entertainment" blog!

Another Blog Coming soon! Thank you for your patience - pretty soon it will be close to perfect! The picture you see is United in Praise! Some of you have seen us some may not - I will keep you posted! THAT is a Blog in itself!

Until We Blog Again!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Grief the HUMIDITY!

Getting up to run one morning, the first words out of my mouth was:

"Good GRIEF the humidity!!!" Do you know it's 75 degrees out here????

and the next words out of my running partners mouth was

"At least it isn't 80 degrees...."

Don't you just hate when they say that?????

Sometimes we gear ourselves to say things over and over, day after day, because it is a habit. I feel SURE that I have complained about something each morning before running, too hot, too cold, roads have pot holes , there is a funky much that it just "pops" out! and sometimes it takes some smart alec running partner to make you aware of it...

What "pops" out of your mouth in certain circumstances? Chances are you don't realize it because it has become a habit. I am sure that my running partner had had just bout enough of my (I will call it) "unconscious complaining..." and really if it was THAT bad, I wouldn't be getting up EVERY single morning, 5 days a week at 545am. So I basically told him "Thank you and to Shut Up because I hadn't had my coffee!!

People listen to us day in and day out in our business, in our lives, even at the grocery store, whether it is you co-workers, customers, friends family or your pet dog... Take a day and "listen to yourself: and give yourself an Unconscious Checkup, you may or may not surprise yourself.

Rather than agreeing with your mom that yeah it really does sound like you had a poopie day.. or your son or your daughter, husband or wife.. try something different like.. I hate that for you, so what's your next plan? She or he doesn't need company "wallowing in self-pity"... they need a rescuer to get them out of the mud!

Remember all day EVERY day, you and your attitude is contagious. Somebody is either going to get infected by your negative words or your positive words. So we need to make a conscious effort to "listen to our responses!" I use to tell the kids when they were little as they jumped out of the van and headed into another day of learning... "Remember you will effect the first three peoples days by the way you say hello or your attitude!!! Make it gooooooooooooooooooood! (and off they were running...)

I think tomorrow morning I will say:

"You know! It's such an AWESOME morning, if it was ANY better I may just tee tee all over myself!" Wonder how he will respond then! =)

Make it your BEST Day yet!


"I've made lots of money in the business by making the audience my only boss."

~Dino Di Laurentis

Let go of the things you think YOU can only do!

Welcome to my Blog! "Until we Blog Again.." where you all can be you just like I am --- me! It wasn't even until this past week that I learned what a "Blog" or "Bloggers" were! My first thinking was "BLoated jOGGER?" I have been that a time or two.. but Lauren "baby girl" set me straight and was actually the one that sent me an email with "You need to start a Blog" in the subject line! So I began to research and learn and she is right! I do! and I did!

Most of you here visiting are family, friends, customers, choir members and maybe peeps I haven't even met yet! I love to write, I love to motivate as well as commiserate -- which could frustrate, but don't worry I love to CELEBRATE too! I look forward to comments, and other posts and would love for you all to share as well!

I just got done painting the whole inside of my home, after 4 years of living here, it's TIME! and so can you say BOLD! From WHITE walls to Sage Green (actually the name was BULLFROG) and a Terracotta Orange! and you know what? I LOVE it!!! Thank you Debbie O - this chica calls me and says, Karen, I have the day off and I am all yours... and truly she came in totally took charge, and we got it done! Thanks Shug, and Cheryl too for being a part of this.. we literally got this done in ONE day! and so now looking at the house, I am already wondering where I am going to put the Christmas Tree! and speaking of Christmas Tree, it's going to be here before you know it-- yes the HOLIDAYS! For the past several years I have let my kids do all the decorating (of course at 17 and 19) it's harder to pin them down - but as tradition has it, I do the lights and the do the decorating! I recall the first year of letting them do the tree, I found that I was standing right over them--- "no, "....oops, nope, I always put that ornament toward the TOP because it is heavy, or be sure and keep the hand made ones towards the middle, Lauren here are all yours, Tyler here are all yours... blah blah blah ....." All at once I see that the kids are gravitating toward the couch and I am humming and decorating, then I realize, that are watching me... hmmmmmmmmmmm "Hey Kids, I tell you what... I am going to get the decorations for the fireplace, and you two finish okay?" Both of them grin and you could tell they "KNEW" they better make it quick, and well by the time I get out from the hall closet trying to refrain from "UGLY" words as "things' are popping on my head, stepping over and on other "things" you know those things... boxes, vacuum, football gear, old hats, wreaths from other seasons and bags of just stuff etc. and by the time I came out triumphant that I FOUND the right box the kids were just about done, and Oh my Goodness!!! It was beautiful! THIS was a lesson for me and something I have done since that time.......

Let go of the things you think you can only do!!!
If you are bogged down with paperwork, WHO can you get to organize and help you to get things in order? Don't worry about being embarrassed just get it in control! What is it EVERY month that you absolutely DREAD? Is it getting your closets organized? Is it cooking? Is it CLEANING after cooking? lol Well "DELEGATE the THINGS YOU HATE!"
Honestly, there are people who love to do what you can't stand, and this would be a good time to utilize them. Can you trade them for things you CAN do and LOVE to do? While she organizes your closet, you can do what?


Let me add this.....
If you go this route in getting someone to help you to get your life in control, then "DON'T" fill the gaps with other work! Take advantage of the time that you have so desired to have! Let's get Rid of the Guilt!

Sit down and read that last chapter of your book!

Go outside and sit on your swing with lemonade, coffee or a glass of wine!
Make this YOUR Time! I admit fighting that guilt is a BIG challenge -- it really is, and I battle that everyday.. I am thinking that this was something each of us were BORN with, and it is a chore to make ourselves do it. But Like everything else, it is discipline! Don't get aggravated at everyone else who IS overcoming this and enjoying "their" time.
Pick up that "half completed" project---whatever it is! Cross stitching, writing that book, painting that hallway, working on your scrapbooks....
Blow the dust off your walking or running shoes!
Even if it means getting up an hour earlier in teh morning! I have done this for the past 8 1/2 years and it truly is worth every minute (even though I LITERALLY am praying for RAIN every morning before getting up!
Pick up the phone and call one of your friends, mother, mother in law, (whoever!) and go to lunch, breakfast or dinner! "Just pick up the phone!"
Sometimes we catch ourselves waiting on the perfect day to start... "Is there a perfect day???"

It's like waiting on the RIGHT time to get married or have a baby! Or start a business, or write that book, or mow the GRASS! I know that you have looked back and thought, "If I had started that diet when I "originally" thought I would be 30 pounds lighter!!! Can I get an AMEN? Maybe I will start tommorrow, now let me go get milk and some oreos, and start strategizing!!

START TODAY! Don't think you have to have a map to do the things that you want to do... because I can tell you already, THIS is the time consumer for most of us! When you make out your "to Do List" (which I try to do every night) make a time slot for YOU! 10 minutes, 15 minutes, One Hour!
Break that YOU time in --- a little at a time if you have to. If you don't slot that time, don't hold your breath on your family, kids and friends to encourage you too, because GUESS WHAT? THEY love having ALL of your time! (and this is a good thing!) They are not in control of your schedule, you are. Here is a good quote I read recently and a great way to end my first LONG post.....

"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to ENJOY it!"

~Rita Mae Brown
Until we Blog Again! Hohmy