Sunday, January 27, 2008

Are you Passionate......

We are almost into February, and I hope everyone is sticking to those "attainable" goals I mentioned! I wanted to share a funny story with you all, that may have a little "motivation" to it. With my history of doing motivational speaking, I find myself ALWAYS listening to what people have to say, their stories, there struggles... words of wisdom, just words and "THEIR PERSONAL experiences!!"

Once upon a time I was on this FABULOUS cruise that I had earned thru my Creative Memories business and one evening one of my downlines husband shared with us a personal experience with us! And it went something like this....

One evening he and two of his buddy's are on their way home from a party, and in coming home they spot this lady walking down the road by herself. It wasn't a well lit road so they immediately felt compelled to stop and see if they could help her out, give her a ride etc. When they pulled over to assist her, she climbed into the back of the car with "Rich" and they began to drive her to a better lit place. After a few moments he says ... "Mam, you are going to need to let us know when we get to your road...."
It was pretty evident she had been celebrating and was a tad bit intoxicated by her swaying back and forth. After a few minutes had passed, she leaned over to Rich and says "thickly" "Your PASSSIIOOOONNNNNAATTTTTE" Flattered a little bit he says.. "Um well thank you for the compliment, but I am engaged to be married..."
A few minutes pass by and the lady leans over again and says... "YOUR PASSSIOOOONATTTEEEE....." His buddy's are crackin up and he is getting a little annoyed and says back to her.... "Lady... like I said, I appreciate what you're saying, but I am engaged, and rally not interested..." She AGAIN leans back in the seat and lets a few more minutes go by and one again, she leans in whispering a tad bit louder and a little more "THICKER"---- "YOUR PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIONNATTTTTTTE" So by this time the two friends are borderline on bursting out laughing, and Rich had finally had enough... and says "LOOK.. I have told you TWO times that I am NOT interested! I am engaged, and you just need to tell us what road we need to drop you off at!!" and with that the lady (a little irritated by his response says....) "This is what I have been trying to tell you... YOUR PASSSSSSSINNNG it!!!

True Story!!!
Now imagine the laughter of all of us listening to this.. and the only thing I could think was "What a GREAT Motivational TALK!!!"

So let me ask you again... "Are you Passionate about your goals? Your Business, your desires, your dreams? or... "Are you Passin' it??"

In Websters Dictionary the word Passionate means: object of affection or enthusiasm...

At some point we all loose that PASSION but the key is getting it back! Sometimes you let it go and you end up passing opportunity's. But with your business, with your dreams, with your goals, you need to know that you can ALWAYS turn your "vehicle" around.. Nothing out there except YOU makes you keep on going right past those opportunities.

So how do you FIND the passion?
1. First and foremost, you have to remember that personal reason. That life Goal that you originally set for yourself and decide if this is what you STILL want or is it something different? Life goals can and will change in our life, like degrees or majors in college. But we many times cling to that original life goal, and think that if we haven't met that goal, we can't make any others until this one is met. WRONG! Look at where you are right now, it's probably not the same as this time last year.

2. Don't take no personal! Your kids, husband boyfriend, girlfriend, wife mother, father will tell you no everyday. But it shouldn't cause us to give up on ANYTHING - nope if that was the case we would all be in trouble, and we may as well live in a box. Don't listen to their no's, these are your dreams, and no one can stop you from getting them but you.. let their no's be your fuel! and actually the best way to handle negativity is this.. "Don't ask them!"

I could probably continue to write about this ALL day, but this is a blog, and not a novel...

Make new Life Goals, or keep the same ones if it's what you are PASSIONATE about. Don't let opportunities PASS you by.. here's the thing I like (no, I LOVE to tell people) " If YOU DON'T... Somebody else will" It's a simple as that....

Be a Passionate Dreamer, Goal setter!
Passion brings on Vision! See whats out there - Passion is VERY contagious, those that see it WANT IT! So I challenge you to find that passion in what you want, and CATCH IT!!!

Until we Blog Again!

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