Friday, September 27, 2013

Well it's probably been a week longer than I intended to update everyone.

 But It's Friday night, I made a great (lots of fat) dinner -- remember I am the stress eater, so plenty of food here if you want to stop by, grab a big plate and eat up... enough for an army here.

Mike and I decided we needed to alternate our days, and it's kinda a crazy to be home working and not trying to call a million times.


Three hospitals, in 37 days.

Been a little.. insane

The video you see, is when we were at Florida Hospital South  before moving mom to LTAC facility  (which by the way, Florida South was INCREDIBLY crazy good.... I seriously couldn't find anything bad to point out with them... truly a GREAT staff, and doctors)

But,  mom with everything she has been through,
 all doctors and surgeons say...

 " No can do... we won't do surgery... she is too weak, bacterial infection etc."

and it is true...

right now if my mom stood up for more than 5 minutes on her feet I would feel a victory.  But not yet.  Right now, its just about one minute enough to stand and get to the recliner.

So today, mom is now (third hospital) at a LTAC facility (Long Term Acute Care)  it is like a mini hospital.  They have doctors, and wound care specialist to take care of specialized cases.

It's been a lot of emotions with my mom...

and crazy questions..

" Karen, are feeding the dogs?"

 "Mom, what dogs?"

"Karen, why are you trying to make me feel like I am loosing my mind??? know what dogs, the two I have  ....." 

(pause, the look on her face... ummmm --- maybe I don't have dogs.)

She doesn't have dogs, or cats... did have A dog, but never plural .....

Another lesson...

BE STILL and KNOW that I am GOD.

you are here, and it doesn't matter how many dogs she has or have not have.

it does't matter.

and then sitting in moms room, and hearing so much all day:

....he is getting his foot amputated in the morning,

.... this is her 7th surgery....... 

.....STAT room 3123!)  

and me thinking.. "did I get the phone bill paid??"

Kinda puts it all in prospective.

We have heard and seen it all, with my mom, and others... those loosing the battle, those arriving, the middle of the night noises ...

For me -- a new day every day!
Mike and I are now alternating days because our understanding is she could be there for 3-6 months.

I KNOW she can get through this... but I am not sure she does.

How does someone sitting in ....a hospital bed,
no food,
no exercise
and really no conversation other than Michael and I.
how do they do it?

I focus on that beautiful double rainbow! arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun's light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere.

When I read that... I stopped..
and read it again...

and refraction (which that is a big word for me) So I looked it up,

 "The turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another of different optical density...."

and so... for me the TURNING is the prayers... and the magnitude or BENDING is all of you and your prayers!

I feel them!  I embrace them.......
( I really do )

If you would like to send a card or a note, or anything to my momma ( I get tons of emails, texts and calls)
Surprise her......

I will read to her
I will play music for her
I will show her cards

Here is the address:

Select Specialty Hospital
Attn: Room 133
Virginia Kerr "Vickey"
5579 South Orange Ave
Edgewood, FL  32132

This is long enough....
Until we blog again... my friends.


cara said...

I had no idea your mom was ill. I have seen a few posts here and there on Facebook but I'm so glad you emailed this :) prayers for her and for you and your brother. What is wrong with your momma?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update and address! Continued prayers for you, Mike and your mom.
Much love Randy and Denise Glisson

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen! What a terrible, awful, learning, growing, loving experience this is for you! It is wonderful that your Mom is here & not in another state and that you & Mike are able to work in time off from your jobs to be with her. God does bring good out of bad. She is so blessed to have the two of you to care for her. God is working in Him time & in His way. We don't understand, but He is sovereign & He will work it all out. "In all our ways, we acknowledge Him and trust Him and He will direct our paths." Love you so much and continue to pray for you and your family. Judy B.