Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lessons I learned from Clement

Hey Everyone...
Today I went to Lakeview Terrace to get a tour, and have lunch with Clement.
It seems the last year of my life has been a little "nutsy--topsy turvy" but nonetheless good.

I received an email like I occasionally do from Clement checking to see "how I am -- and he is thinking bout me etc..." Well this time I said-- "How bout we do lunch?" and in turn he said "He was DELIGHTED!"

Most of you know Clement -- but some of you don't---
Clement is someone that should give us all HOPE! He is 94 years old, and doing better than me! Sang with the choir for several seasons, until we just got too long as far as time.. so now he is our #1 Fan..

Still driving all over, (including his Golf Cart which we road around to see the sights there) EVERYONE knows Clement, and you know what, he knows EVERYONE there..
He never misses a name
"Hey Clement.... Hey Mr. Kirk!"
and ALWAYS ---

"Hey Sandy, or Sue or Jessica, gosh he introduced me to so many people..." and again he knew all their names, and I started to think, how WONDERFULLY important this is...

It just made me smile.

Lunch was wonderful - the food is GREAT BTW with Lamb, Peas, Carrots,Roll, and a cup of Mint!
I "think" I had Bread Pudding.. but not for certain -- whatever it was it was wonderful, and he had Sweet potato pie....
It was so wonderful to just sit relax and enjoy.. I learned EVEN more about Clement!
I know you all know he is the "dancer - including Tap Dancing, but did you know he can PAINT!!??
and I am not talking "Paint by numbers... I mean sho nuff PAINT!
Check this out...

This is a self portrait of he and his wife, who by the way passed away 22 years ago.. he showed me another picture, and she was quite the "looker..."

I was amazed, I asked him when he learned, he said..
"Oh awhile ago, I stopped 5 years ago because it was just too expensive "

and his Shy cat of 12 years, even came out to pay me a visit.. and are you ready for this????
This cat is like a dog...
Clement says....
"Lay down..... (with his soft voice) and the cat laid down!

I just started CRACKIN UP!!! NO WAY!!! Cat's don't do that!!!
and he says.. watch this...

"Roll over!" and the cat starts rolling over! (I am laughing here...was laughing there, and got Clement laughing about it too!)

But I have to tell you something even more amazing, and I promise to bring this to a close...
As we sat and ate lunch... he grins at me and says...

"What did you think about the Birthday Card I sent you?"

I said -- Awww Clement, it made my Day!
He says.. well good I wanted you to know I was thinking about you, and getting your attention, I know it was funny to send a birthday card for no reason...

I sat there for a split second, and said...

"Clement... the card arrived day before my birthday...."
He said..

"What????" What do you mean?

I just started laughing... I said...
"CLEMENT--- you sent me a birthday card, and it arrived the day before my birthday (which was a Saturday)"

He just laughed.. said.. "Really???"
He had NO idea!!! when my birthday was.. he was just wanting to send something "random" to get my attention! He said...

When is your birthday? I said August 5th.. he said..
"I won't ever forget it!"

It's amazing how the Lord works sometimes..
Was a GREAT day! and something we all need to do---
Just take time...
Slow down...Learn Peoples name! Visit someone... Learn something new about them,
and most of all --- "Do random things that can turn out to be Blessings beyond measure!!"

Until we Blog Again!

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