Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Grief the HUMIDITY!

Getting up to run one morning, the first words out of my mouth was:

"Good GRIEF the humidity!!!" Do you know it's 75 degrees out here????

and the next words out of my running partners mouth was

"At least it isn't 80 degrees...."

Don't you just hate when they say that?????

Sometimes we gear ourselves to say things over and over, day after day, because it is a habit. I feel SURE that I have complained about something each morning before running, too hot, too cold, roads have pot holes , there is a funky much that it just "pops" out! and sometimes it takes some smart alec running partner to make you aware of it...

What "pops" out of your mouth in certain circumstances? Chances are you don't realize it because it has become a habit. I am sure that my running partner had had just bout enough of my (I will call it) "unconscious complaining..." and really if it was THAT bad, I wouldn't be getting up EVERY single morning, 5 days a week at 545am. So I basically told him "Thank you and to Shut Up because I hadn't had my coffee!!

People listen to us day in and day out in our business, in our lives, even at the grocery store, whether it is you co-workers, customers, friends family or your pet dog... Take a day and "listen to yourself: and give yourself an Unconscious Checkup, you may or may not surprise yourself.

Rather than agreeing with your mom that yeah it really does sound like you had a poopie day.. or your son or your daughter, husband or wife.. try something different like.. I hate that for you, so what's your next plan? She or he doesn't need company "wallowing in self-pity"... they need a rescuer to get them out of the mud!

Remember all day EVERY day, you and your attitude is contagious. Somebody is either going to get infected by your negative words or your positive words. So we need to make a conscious effort to "listen to our responses!" I use to tell the kids when they were little as they jumped out of the van and headed into another day of learning... "Remember you will effect the first three peoples days by the way you say hello or your attitude!!! Make it gooooooooooooooooooood! (and off they were running...)

I think tomorrow morning I will say:

"You know! It's such an AWESOME morning, if it was ANY better I may just tee tee all over myself!" Wonder how he will respond then! =)

Make it your BEST Day yet!


"I've made lots of money in the business by making the audience my only boss."

~Dino Di Laurentis

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