Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm in HEAVEN!

Hey Everyone!!
Guess what you are going to have to hear and see pictures about my little
"Abbie-girl" for the next several days!
Her real name is Abbiegail, but you know hohmy and her nick names.. she is my ABBIE GIRL!

I am in HEAVEN!

Here she is out on "Grand Lab's" Dock! "
This bread was supposed to be for the fish, but she decided it was better for her!

Now for you "newbies" let me get you caught up

Abbie is the granddaughter (who is 2 1/2) of Larry and Karen Beard or "KB" as you have heard probably a million times since you have been a part of the choir!
and also the daughter of Jared and Jamie I guess that counts huh?

Well, for some reason, I was BLESSED to have this youngun from today until Sunday, and I can't stop smiling... So much she is doing...saying talking like CRAZY!!!! and well, she calls me
"k-Hoh" oh my goodness... she is sleeping like an angel right now, so I wanted to get online and share with you all just a few things..

One -- Rev and Sharon are movin and groovin.. got to take Abbie to see "Pop Pop and Sharon" before they headed out! Sharon got some GREAT shots while we were there...

I still can't believe they are movin up there.. shew.. but they promised there is a room for "hohmy" probably something they may regret saying they would do for me.. but we will see!

"Rev, Abbie and the moving Truck...."

Rev. & Sharon Shook
P. O. Box 507
Glenville, NC 28736

I took Abbie to Chic Fil A, and while I REFUSE to be "grandma..." I choose to be AUNT K-hoh... we sat and talked, she played, and I met lots of people in the playground, which led me to lots of things that "little ones" do now! so I have my list !!!

We looked at pictures when we here at the house, and ALL the babies were "Baby Joie!!!" Which is Tiffany Crow Kendricks (who has sang in the choir with us...) new baby and her new cousin! -- and YES she will be getting some Joie lovin.....

I have a responsibility so it seems.... as Jamie says,
"Well Karen, we are working on Potty Training, could you have this done by the time we get back?"

Precious Jesus...
Well I got 3 Pee Pee's on the Potty, Two Poo's Poo's which were not!
LORD help the girl!!!!!!

Lauren was SOOOOOO hard, and my Tyler, Piece of cake, all I had to do was throw Froot Loops in the toilet and tell him to aim for RED! So we will see!

As Jamie gave me my brief To do list, cause can I tell you ... the girl is SO easy going! The one thing she left me is her "Blessings Every Day" Book, said it's short and please be sure to read this to her before she goes to bed...

So, it's like the Read a bible in a Day thing... but shorter...
and guess what????
YOU all get to do it with me!!!!
September 19th

More than a Conqueror
"In All things.. we are more than Conquerors through him who loved us."
Romans 8:37

Do you know what it means to "conquer" something? It means to win out --- not just by a little, but by a lot. Once you've conquered something, it can never beat you again....
(Read that line one more time... I did...)
The Bible says that God helps us conquer everything we go thru in life.

(Read this...)
HARD times might not go away, but they CAN'T BEAT US!
They can't make us lose out on the great things.

God Promised Us.....

With God on my side, I can conquer all.
Nothing on earth can make me fall....

Okay so...
Until Tommorows Blessings Every day!
Take that one with you to sleep!

Until we Sing Again!
"Aunt K-hoh giving some LOVE!!!!!"

(sharon took this shot.. isn't it awesome, and YES abbie has some CURLS!!!!)

Until we Blog Again!

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