Friday, September 28, 2007

One Little Smile....

Forrest Gump talks about life being like a box of chocolates, well have you seen "Dove Promises?" I know many of you already have, but as I ate one, I didn't realize the sayings that were inside!! So of course I was so intrigued by what was going to be in each one, I ate SIX of them in a row! (You know I had to see what they said, and what kind of inspriation it could add to my day and my hips....
The first one said...

"One little smile can fill the room with Sunshine..."
So true, so true, have you ever noticed that smiles ARE contagious? We should do this with our businesses, at work, at school, and even on the phone... It's amazing how you get the smile in return, AND people will gravitate toward you just by your smile and excitement. Watching my daughter dancing years ago in her Hip Hop Class, she had this young cute "thang" of a teacher 'bout 100 years younger than me...and even though I am there to watch Lauren, I can't help but watch him because he ALWAYS has this grin on his face and having the best time dancing with the kids and there I catch myself bobbin' my head and smiling right along!
Start Spreading an infectious smile!!
The second one I read /ate said:
"There is only one pretty child and every mother has it!"
Oh, I have caught myself thinkin (in my head of course) oh yeah her baby is probably the third cutest child I have ever seen (with my two being the first two) hehehe in my business, it's ALL ABOUT CAPTURING the moments... and instill in those babies, it's just as important to be pretty on the INSIDE as much as the outside..
The third one I frantically opened up and it said:
"Whatever you give you will find countless ways back to you..."
BINGO! especially when I am at my classes and and where they are now, compared to when I started my business and most importantly the good that I have received from all of them. Thru my business I have more friends than I can or EVER imagined - Give anyone and everybody, what you want back...
And this fourth one would go along with what I just said:
"Friendship is the gold thread that ties hearts together."
Our gold thread is our memories as well.
On the fifth and yummy chocolate candy (and still not feeling guilty abit, while the kids just shake their heads that I am getting excited over chocolate sayings!)
"Promises are made to be kept...."
Commitment came to mind immediately. My commitment to my family, my business, my friends, my customers, I want them all to know that I am in it for the long haul, thru the ups and the downs and "all arounds." I want all those associated with me to feel that "promise" of being there for them is a confidence they can always hold.
And the Last chocolate I ate, said this (and I Loved it!)
"Climb High, Climb Far: your goal the sky, your aim the Stars!"
Isn't that awesome??
All of you are stars! Never ever give on what your goals are. So what if you didn't get that goal when you exactly wanted, you crept a little bit farther up than where you were! Don't let someone else snatch your dreams from you. They are YOURS. Sitting back watching someone else climb and thinking "you KNOW I had a goal like that once..." Don't you EVER give up...EVER! Just keep climbing - so much to see, so much to achieve, and opportunities for EVERYONE!
Go buy yourself a bag of Dove Promises.. I Justify my cravings thru what I have learned thru the sayings!!!
Until we Blog Again!

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