Sunday, September 30, 2007

Have You Ever heard of a Flat Iron?

I thought that would get your attention, and trust me, I am going somewhere with this...

A Flat Iron... I have to tell you, growing up, my hair, well lets just say It was a cruel joke played upon me to have such coarse, thick and not humidity friendly hair (which is not the type of hair to have in the state of Florida) I can remember, working on my hair, blow-drying it until I could get it straight (because the body in my hair, was NAPPY and not flattering) after getting it perfect JUST the way I wanted it... I would walk out the door and BAM, the hair had a mind of its own. Back in a pony tail it would go.
So a few years ago... while at a modeling show of my daughters, Michelle a beautiful black model is standing there with hair as SLICK AS SLICK can be.. Now remember I grew up in the days of Big Afros, (both whites AND blacks had them) and I just had to know.. HOW?????? did you get your hair that STRAIGHT..

Soooooooooo I did what Karen Hohman would do, and I just asked....
"Michelle I have to ask, how in the WORLD do you get your hair so straight and pretty, because I KNOW it is NOT naturally straight!

She says...(and I quote)

"Girl please... haven't you ever hear of a Flat Iron?"

Visualize my puzzled look... as I say out loud... "FLAT IRON?"
She just shakes her head and laughs...

"Yessss, a FLAT IRON...."
She begins to tell me where to get it, HOW to use it (giggling at my excitement over this concept)and amazed that I have NEVER heard of it!!
She tells me, and it's not just us black girls, don't you think for a minute those girls on the show "Friends" don't use it!
You know WHAT? I was so excited that I may have straight hair that lasts more than 20 minutes, I didn't care if they were purple or pink people, I was going to get one. (okay so here is the moral of this story)
Michelle thought I was absolutely CRAZY that I hadn't ever heard of a FLAT IRON! Everyone has of of a Flat Iron...
"Karen, where have you been living???? under a rock?"
We people who own our own businesses, or in sales, or whatever it is that you do as you are reading this-- you can probably relate to this very thing.
"You have never heard of Scrapbooking?
You have never heard of Zumba??
You have never heard of an Elliptical machine?
You have never heard of Dr Oz?
and better yet, you have NEVER heard of the TAKE HOME CHEF??????
You have GOT to be kidding me... how can you possibly not heard of these things?
Well I know there are "FLAT IRON" People like me, who haven't heard the wonderful concept of "organizing your pictures?, or a FUN way to Exercise... etc etc
But the twist is this... rather than giggling about their Flat Iron experience, we need to REJOICE that they found us! Be just as excited as we were when we discovered something new!
All because of that flat iron.. I myself, look forward to ALWAYS sharing something new, and enjoying the excitement one goes thru and seeing or learning something then never knew existed!! "Man, if I had this thing when I was in High School, I would have been da'bomb!!" (okay so wishful thinking here...)
Don't assume people know these things you have learned---There is a big world of MANY things... Don't keep them to yourselves, share what you know!!
Until we Blog Again!


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