Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let go of the things you think YOU can only do!

Welcome to my Blog! "Until we Blog Again.." where you all can be you just like I am --- me! It wasn't even until this past week that I learned what a "Blog" or "Bloggers" were! My first thinking was "BLoated jOGGER?" I have been that a time or two.. but Lauren "baby girl" set me straight and was actually the one that sent me an email with "You need to start a Blog" in the subject line! So I began to research and learn and she is right! I do! and I did!

Most of you here visiting are family, friends, customers, choir members and maybe peeps I haven't even met yet! I love to write, I love to motivate as well as commiserate -- which could frustrate, but don't worry I love to CELEBRATE too! I look forward to comments, and other posts and would love for you all to share as well!

I just got done painting the whole inside of my home, after 4 years of living here, it's TIME! and so can you say BOLD! From WHITE walls to Sage Green (actually the name was BULLFROG) and a Terracotta Orange! and you know what? I LOVE it!!! Thank you Debbie O - this chica calls me and says, Karen, I have the day off and I am all yours... and truly she came in totally took charge, and we got it done! Thanks Shug, and Cheryl too for being a part of this.. we literally got this done in ONE day! and so now looking at the house, I am already wondering where I am going to put the Christmas Tree! and speaking of Christmas Tree, it's going to be here before you know it-- yes the HOLIDAYS! For the past several years I have let my kids do all the decorating (of course at 17 and 19) it's harder to pin them down - but as tradition has it, I do the lights and the do the decorating! I recall the first year of letting them do the tree, I found that I was standing right over them--- "no, "....oops, nope, I always put that ornament toward the TOP because it is heavy, or be sure and keep the hand made ones towards the middle, Lauren here are all yours, Tyler here are all yours... blah blah blah ....." All at once I see that the kids are gravitating toward the couch and I am humming and decorating, then I realize, that are watching me... hmmmmmmmmmmm "Hey Kids, I tell you what... I am going to get the decorations for the fireplace, and you two finish okay?" Both of them grin and you could tell they "KNEW" they better make it quick, and well by the time I get out from the hall closet trying to refrain from "UGLY" words as "things' are popping on my head, stepping over and on other "things" you know those things... boxes, vacuum, football gear, old hats, wreaths from other seasons and bags of just stuff etc. and by the time I came out triumphant that I FOUND the right box the kids were just about done, and Oh my Goodness!!! It was beautiful! THIS was a lesson for me and something I have done since that time.......

Let go of the things you think you can only do!!!
If you are bogged down with paperwork, WHO can you get to organize and help you to get things in order? Don't worry about being embarrassed just get it in control! What is it EVERY month that you absolutely DREAD? Is it getting your closets organized? Is it cooking? Is it CLEANING after cooking? lol Well "DELEGATE the THINGS YOU HATE!"
Honestly, there are people who love to do what you can't stand, and this would be a good time to utilize them. Can you trade them for things you CAN do and LOVE to do? While she organizes your closet, you can do what?


Let me add this.....
If you go this route in getting someone to help you to get your life in control, then "DON'T" fill the gaps with other work! Take advantage of the time that you have so desired to have! Let's get Rid of the Guilt!

Sit down and read that last chapter of your book!

Go outside and sit on your swing with lemonade, coffee or a glass of wine!
Make this YOUR Time! I admit fighting that guilt is a BIG challenge -- it really is, and I battle that everyday.. I am thinking that this was something each of us were BORN with, and it is a chore to make ourselves do it. But Like everything else, it is discipline! Don't get aggravated at everyone else who IS overcoming this and enjoying "their" time.
Pick up that "half completed" project---whatever it is! Cross stitching, writing that book, painting that hallway, working on your scrapbooks....
Blow the dust off your walking or running shoes!
Even if it means getting up an hour earlier in teh morning! I have done this for the past 8 1/2 years and it truly is worth every minute (even though I LITERALLY am praying for RAIN every morning before getting up!
Pick up the phone and call one of your friends, mother, mother in law, (whoever!) and go to lunch, breakfast or dinner! "Just pick up the phone!"
Sometimes we catch ourselves waiting on the perfect day to start... "Is there a perfect day???"

It's like waiting on the RIGHT time to get married or have a baby! Or start a business, or write that book, or mow the GRASS! I know that you have looked back and thought, "If I had started that diet when I "originally" thought I would be 30 pounds lighter!!! Can I get an AMEN? Maybe I will start tommorrow, now let me go get milk and some oreos, and start strategizing!!

START TODAY! Don't think you have to have a map to do the things that you want to do... because I can tell you already, THIS is the time consumer for most of us! When you make out your "to Do List" (which I try to do every night) make a time slot for YOU! 10 minutes, 15 minutes, One Hour!
Break that YOU time in --- a little at a time if you have to. If you don't slot that time, don't hold your breath on your family, kids and friends to encourage you too, because GUESS WHAT? THEY love having ALL of your time! (and this is a good thing!) They are not in control of your schedule, you are. Here is a good quote I read recently and a great way to end my first LONG post.....

"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to ENJOY it!"

~Rita Mae Brown
Until we Blog Again! Hohmy

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